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Breaking Free


Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.

Breaking Free

Michele Oleary

Beauty stuck deep within due to doubt, fear, and shame. 
Crushing whispers tear me apart, the darkness roams throughout devouring my heart. 
Held in chains through gnawing lies.
Bone-weary, shackled and entangled; I must break-free.
Stuck in the muck which continues to churn the darkness of my jaded soul.
Doubt envelops me. 
Darkness remains.
Disappointment sinks me into deeper dreadfulness of despair.
Break me free, God, the war cry of my heart.
Moving Spirit, sweeps within me.
Christ, the Breaker to Freedom.
He washes the freedom of the Cross over me. 
Letting go of the hindrance that continue to flood my thoughts, wanting to remind me once again of things I can not move past.
Letting go what is so deeply hidden within.
The power of Christ, the Love's bloodshed rains over me.
Blinders removed when He pours His mercy into me.
Hope springs from my Heavenly Father. 
The One who knows me best.
His Love-Eyes look deep into me; pouring Love flowing and flooding into me.
His love gently removes the cause of callousness.
Setting me free.
Freedom rings when I allow Him to redeem my past.
You know, the secrets of haunting.
Some not so secret and likely to continue to flash: Unworthy. 
Let go of what was. What is.
Move into breaking free.
Move past what you can not control.
Move past and let go.
Open arms.
Fall. Into. Love.
Freedom making.
Set free to fly.
Soar under His wings of Love-Protection.
His Cross-Freedom sets me free to break free from words that try to continue to trap.
Thank you, Jesus. 


This poem goes hand-in-hand and inspired by Suzie Eller's 21 Days of Moving Past What You Can Not Change. I encourage you to walk over to her site for beautiful encouragement, truths, and freedom words from God. 


Summer Fun: my grandgirlies are already on summer break.  I am slowing down my writing a bit to refresh and to have some "childlike" fun. I hope you are able to do the same as well. 

Each month I will post a new, "When God's Girls Say Yes" and a short post from me as He leads me.  I will also share pictures and fun summer activities. I hope you continue to join me in the easy season of summer.