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Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.


Michele Oleary

Life-Freedom came at a cost.
Jesus glorious death on the cross.
Jesus, our Freedom-Maker, died for you and me.
Our Provider.
Shame poured on Him.
The sinless One.
Our burdens pressed down on Him.
For Freedom.
Weaving through our freedom is:
His blood
His righteousness
His grace
Our forever with Him because of His victory.
His love awakens us as He pours on His affirmations of His promises.
Sinless in our Freedom-Maker.
God restores us.
Stir us up, Lord.
Pull us close.
Our Love of Hope.
You, our Love.
You never will forsake us.
Our soul.
You go before us.
Set our path, our life walk in you.
Flood our weary bones and heavy heart with your goodness.
Your faithfulness.
We will proclaim Who you are.
Our Freedom-Redeemer.
Our Maker.
Our Forever Friend.
Our heart overflows with joy because of you.
We love you so.
Pour in so we can pour out your forever love.
You. Forever. Amen.


Poem writing is new to me and a yearning of my soul. The words of praises and seeking come in waves. My heart is either swelling with joy or gripped in doubt of myself. He continues to press into my heart and locks in the reminder I am forever His. He is forever mine.

Do you struggle as you desperately try to advance in the calling of your heart? The waves of joy mixed in with the current of distraction and uncertainty. I have been feeling this way the past couple of weeks.

But God.

In the wait of relief and rescue from myself of falsehoods; He faithfully poured over me His glorious reminder of freedom. His true foreverness.


Remember we are...
Forever His. 
Forever the Apple of His eyes.
God's loves us, sees us, wants us and understands us. 
We are His treasures.