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Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.


Michele Oleary

"A psalm of praise. Of David. I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever." Psalm 145:1 (NIV)

Hold on now; I do not want to lose you because you see the letters, "P.M.S." Stay with me.

The letters stand for:

Now, do you feel a bit silly thinking I was going to write about something else? Although that is a "topic" all on its own, right ladies?

February is the month of love. Feelings. Saying thank you to the one who puts up with you and all those emotions that fly out of us God's girls.

How about we do some pouring out of love and thanks to our Father? The One who "really" puts up with all our rollercoaster rides of crazies.

Let's praise Him for all things.



Sadly, at times in my hustle and bustle, I forget to pause and thank my Father for all He has given me.

The lengthy list I roll-out each day, steamrolling over His best for me. 

I am blinded by my selfish will and not looking towards His paths. His pouring love. His promises.

What about you? Are you shackled by your list, your calendar?

Do you run over God and forget to look for His goodness and gifts in front of you?

Okay, girls....let's have some loving-fun for our Father. A love pouring party over God. 

In the comments below share a verse, word, picture or thought for the One who loves us the most. 

Let us adore Him. 

Cherish Him.

Thank Him.

Praise Him.

Let's show our God some "PMS!"

Let me start, 'Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." Psalm 62:2 (NIV). Thank you, Lord. You are my rock and my fortress who protects me in all my ways. As I think about your provisions my heart dances with joy. I love you.

Father, we love you. We really do, but at times we place the crazies of life before you. We fail to stop, look, love, and learn from you daily. You understand us. You created us. You love us even when we leave you behind, and we think we can forge through life without you. Please allow us to pour love over you today and every day. We love you with all our hearts. ~God's Girls

P.S. God has some love to pour over you. Listen.