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I am in love with another Man...(When God's Girls Say Yes)


Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.

I am in love with another Man...(When God's Girls Say Yes)

Michele Oleary

Hi friends, I want to introduce March's God's girl: Michele O'Leary. It is time to show more of my heart to you. God asked me to share more of my path to purpose. His woo-calling on my weary soul and His freedom-call over me. He freed me from Satan's shackles. Walk with me as we "March into Purpose" together.

Love, Michele

My Love Song:

Heavenly-Love as Jesus reaches for me touches my chin and lifts it for eye to eye Heavenly-Connection. 

Soft-Love touch from Above-Love.

His eyes filled my broken-weary, torn-up parched soul.

Tired, weak heart. Sadness weighed heavy in my Spirit.

Stop fighting. 

Stop trying.

Stop the "would haves," should haves," and "could haves." I am your "Haves."

I "Have" all you need. All your hopes, promises, love, and desires.

With His touch, that is what I felt. That is what I knew.

Stop. Be still in the Still-Maker. 

The Freedom-Maker.

The Peace-Maker was calling for me to stop.

Calling me.

Desiring me.

Blossoming Heavenly-Love.

Deep Truth-Love.

My new Lover. Jesus.

He reminded me His Love-Blood is freeing.

His Love-Blood is Perfect to find Peace.

To find Purpose.

Cross-Christ Purpose.

Such love from my Love.

My Love.

Falling in deep love with the One who took on my cross for my Cross-Freedom.

He gingerly carried my broken heart. 

Gentle-Love was freeing. Is freeing.



Pouring His purpose in my shattered heart.

His reach. 

His love soothed, softened and strengthened me.

My Love.

He showed me a path; a path paved out for a purpose.

His purpose.

His Cross-calling.

For me. A shattered heart-soul.

He proposed to me as a Groom to His Bride.

My Love proposed His purpose.

His Promise.


Love-Purpose for me.

Me, who had no path. No Purpose.

Soul-weary and longing for Holy-Healing Water for a purpose.

His Purpose.

I said yes to His Love-Promise of Purpose.

Ready. Reaching. Remedy.

Cross-Remedy in my Love.

The remedy has and will always be His Love.

His placement of purpose for my life.

Christ changed my heart. 

My Savior healed my heart.

He gradually removed my blinders, and I was finally set-free to see: Love.

Three years of looking and learning and loving had me fall deeply, head-over-heels in love with my Love.

Dare I say, "I am in love with another Man?"

Yes, I am! 

I am passionately in love with my Groom.

My Christ-Groom.


With His Love, my hand-in-hand walk of purpose blossomed.

I said yes to His Love-Request.

This God's girl is in love with another Man.

The Man.

Do you want to know what my purpose-calling is? You, my friend.

You. Jesus gave me you.

Why? Because He wants to call you His bride.

He wants you to love another Man too. 

Groom of Truth-Love.

His Love.

Your Christ-Lover.

Purposeful Love.


Christ-Freedom Love.

Have you found your Cross-Purpose? He wants you to seek it. Will you walk with me the next three weeks as I share about my Christ-March to purpose? Allow God to tenderly remove the "false lies" from the "False Whisperer" as He marches with you to purpose. 

~Love, Michele