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Fill Me Up, Please! (Giveaway)


Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.

Fill Me Up, Please! (Giveaway)

Michele Oleary

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

As I sat in bed last Thursday night, I started to reflect on my day. 

Joy sprung up in my heart and poured out as my soul cried, "Fill me up some more, please." 

You see, communion collided in holy-commonness and blossomed sweet sisterhood.

Let me share with you about last Thursday. A day of connection on the cross. A day filled with godly women and pouring of love.

Connect. Relationships. Christ-Cross connection revealed.

Tucked away in my heart a few months ago a burning and yearning started evolving.


Lovely, godly women relationships.

Pour out and pour into: Relationships.

Last Thursday, the footsteps of faithfulness and fellowship intertwined together as I broke bread at lunch with my sweet friend, Tina. Perfect, loving talk of dreams and desires God has placed on our writer's hearts.

Then in the evening, seven godly women gathered around my table for dinner. Some I knew well, some getting to know better. Openness and rawness walked in and fellowship sprung up. Tender love bloomed over us.


Grace and goodness and glee gathered around me.


Fullness was pouring into and out of my soul. But the longing for more was evident.

"Fill me up some more, please."

This was my request to my Lord. Not to quench my thirst for godly women relationships, but to please pour more over me. 

Might I thirst for more? Yes, please!

Beautiful women, I met with from lunch through dinner on Thursday.

God's loved draped and wrapped over each one of us.

The Cross-Connection was created.

Do you long for connection? A Godly connection with other women? 

I didn't always, but I do now.

Stepping out to attend a mom's group can be scary.

Walking into a small group can be downright unnerving.

Moving forward to the call God placed on your heart to gather women in your home with open arms is brave and bold.

Whatever the circumstance that hinders you from growing in godly relationships, take it to the cross.

Place the hindrance at the feet of Christ: fear, doubt, lies whispered from the liar, past hurts, trust issues or (like me) an introvert personality. 

I am not sure what might hinder you into relationships but God does. 

Kneel down at the cross and cry out for cross-freedom.


Christ knew godly relationships were healthy. He gathered twelve ragtag men around him and shared three years of "real" life with them.

We too are called to do the same. 

Share "real" life with others. 

Scary, yes!

Freeing in faith, yes!

Fun, yes!!!

Godly relationships are healthy and heavenly.

Are you thirsty? Ask God to "Fill me up, please." with godly women relationships. He has the heavenly pitcher waiting to pour His holy water over you. 

Soak it up and pour out, then seek for more.

Love, Michele


As promised, I have a second giveaway this month, and it ties in with the above posting of relationships. 

The book "Craving Connection" written by (In)courage is beautifully written by godly women who know we all crave for relationships with other women and with God.

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