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A Gift that Keeps Giving...


Casual Conversations is for God to use my writings as His vessel to deepen women's faith in Him. Women will receive and grow in His Love and His Faithfulness.

A Gift that Keeps Giving...

Michele Oleary

I want to welcome Jordan Phillips to Casual Conversations. She is a daughter of a fellow writer and friend, Nicole. Jordan is a pioneer at the age of 12. As I read over her testimony and her calling, it made my Momma's heart smile and warmth filled my soul with happiness. Jordan said yes to God and acted on it. Please welcome Jordan, the newest God's girl, to CC.

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2015, I had a gnawing feeling inside my stomach. It was saying DO SOMETHING. I was scared, and I couldn’t just stand on the sidelines waiting for the storm to pass. I didn’t know what I should do, so I started brainstorming. 

I can't remember how I got the idea. It just popped in my head one day: “I should make coffee cup cozies!” You know, the sleeve that goes on your cup so your hand doesn’t get too hot? 

After revising my project I finally came up with a pattern. Mom was still recovering from the mastectomy she’d had the previous month, but agreed to help me out and ask for donations on Facebook. When someone donated, I would send them one of my handmade cozys. My original goal was to raise $300 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but in just one night I had raised over $500. I couldn’t believe it. 

I kept pushing my goal a little higher. I got the Top Fundraiser award three months in a row, which landed me at overall top fundraiser for the entire 2015 Athens Race for the Cure. I raised $5,741. 

People had donated from all over the United States. You can find a cozy in New York and California. You can even find a cozy in middle-of-nowhere North Dakota.  It made me proud to know that I was making a difference, especially considering that southeastern Ohio, the area where I live, has the highest breast cancer death rate in the country. 

Jordan 3.jpg

The money I raised payed for 57 mobile mammograms for women in rural, hard to reach areas where a trip to the doctor is a day-long ordeal. One in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, which means I saved 6 moms from being taken away from their children. 

I had a satisfying feeling that I had done something. I thought that my story was over. Looking back, it was only beginning. In May of 2016, Mom got a call from the Susan G. Komen headquarters. I was to be featured in a national ad campaign, with my own commercial and I even got to speak at Komen’s annual Partner Summit at One World Trade Center, New York City. It was amazing. We got to meet people from WWE, Simon Property Group, Major League Baseball, and Walgreens. 

Since then, I’ve gotten the cozys placed in a store in my hometown as well as on their website at This year, I raised $11,000 for the 2016 Athens Race for the Cure and was once again honored to be named top fundraiser. 

Mom is cancer free now, but my heart hurts when I think of all of the other kids who have to watch a parent go through cancer. If there is one lesson I have learned from this experience, it's that no matter how old you are or how hard it may seem, we can all make a difference.

December's Giveaway....
If you would like to purchase a "Cozys for the Cure" for yourself or as a gift, you can purchase them at You can also follow Jordan at Cozys for the Cure on Facebook.

Jordan has generously donated a cozy to Casual Conversations. Thank you, Jordan!

How can you win the awesome cozy? Comment below on how you show kindness or how someone has shown you kindness. I will announce the winner on Monday, December 12th.